Black Marabou Leech
By Richard Zieger, Iowa
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This is another of my quick, ugly, and dirty flies. Very easy to tie. An effective fly to use on panfish.

Materials Black Marabou Leech:

Hook: Size 8 to 12.

Thread: Black.

Tail and Body: Barbs of the marabou feather.

Note: This can also be tied with a bead head, optional.

Tying Instructions Black Marabou Leech:

    Step One

    1.  Wrap thread to bend of the hook.

    Step Two

    2. Tie in a small bundle of marabou barbs taken off the stem of the feather.

    Step Three

    3. Wrap the barbs of the marabou feather around the thread several times. You want to make a rope of the barbs. As the fish break the barbs they are always trapped under the thread someplace. This fly can look very ratty and still work well.

    Step Four

    4. Wrap the rope to the front of the fly and tie off. I do not trim the strands of marabou that stick out on this fly. They just add some more movement. The force of the water also makes them lay against the body.

I usually try to give this fly a little jigging motion to get the tail to move. ~ Rick

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