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Zebra Midge
Text and photos by Jeremy Barela Custom Flies

This is the fifth in a series of flies representing the life cycle of the midge, Diptera, family Chironomidae. It is claimed Diptera are the most numerious and widely distributed of all insects available to all freshwater fish.

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Materials for the Zebra Midge

    Hook: Daiichi 1130 #20-26.

    Thread: Gray UTC 70, Black UTC 70.

    Tail: Grizzly hackle.

    Body: Black thread.

    Ribbing: Gray thread.

    Wing: Krystal flash.

    Head: Black thread.

Instructions for the Zebra Midge:

    1. Start gray thread behind eye of hook and wrap to halfway point.

    2. Tie in grizzly hackle to form tail and wrap thread back to above the barb. Pull the hackle to size the tail to fit the hook size.

    3. Trim excess hackle and wrap thread back up to eye, covering any hackle left over. Then wrap the gray thread back to above the barb, making sure not to use too much thread as you do this.

    4. Tie in black thread and wrap back to cover the gray thread and wrap back to eye.

    5. Spin gray thread to create a rope and wrap back towards eye, creating an evenly ribbed abdomen. Tie off gray thread and trim.

    6. Cut a 2" piece of krystal flash and fold in half. Then fold in half once more around thread and tie in.

    7. Whip finish a semi-larger head then abdomen. Trim krystal flash to form wing.

    8. Completed fly.

    ~ Jeremy

Publisher's Note: For an effective method for fishing the Zebra Midge - and another tying method for the 'Zebra' read: Fishing the Zebra Midge: An Alternative Approach

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