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Maxwell's Purple Matuka
By John Shewey and Forrest Maxwell

Flies For Summer Steelhead

This is a continuation of last week's article on Summer Steelhead and the recommended flies for them. If you missed last week's fly, Tying the Spawning Purple click HERE.

Materials: Maxwell's Purple Matuka

    Hook: No. 4/0-6, steelhead wet fly.

    Tag: Silver flat tinsel.

    Rib: Medium oval tinsel.

    Body: Black (dubbed Angora fur; wool; chenille; etc.)

    Wing: Two or four purple hackles, tied matuka style.

    Collar: Purple hackle.

    Tying Instructions: Maxwell's Purple Matuka

    1. Secure the tag as follows: Attach a length of fine flat silver tinsel about 2/3 down the shank. Wrap this tinsel backward, keeping each wrap tight against the previous one but without overlapping the wraps. At a point opposite the point or barb of the hook, reverse direction and begin wrapping the tinsel back up the shank, again making sure each turn of tinsel lays tight against the previous wrap with without overlapping. Tie off the tinsel near the starting poing. Wind the thread forward and secure a length of fine or medium silver oval along the hook shank.

    2. Now form a body of black dubbed fur, wool or similar (we prefer flack Angora goat dubbing), leaving at the rear a short tag of the flat silver tinsel.

    3. At the front of the body, secure back-to-back purple hackle feathers, shiny sides facing outward. Tie these in securely so they cannot pull out as you rib the fly.

    4. Stroke the hackle fibers upward with one hand while holding the stems down against the fly with the other. Once the hackle fibers are standing up at right angles to the stem, you can begin binding the feathers down by spiraling the silver oval over the body of the fly.

    5. Having completed this rib in about six turns, add a collar of purple hackle at the front. Tie off and cement the head. ~ John Shewey and Forrest Maxwell

    Credits: From Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead published by Frank Amato Publications.

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