Vincent Price
(green bottle housefly)

By Jeffrey Nimbles, (Jcntheriver) Clifton, New Jersey
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I was always an avid Vincent Price movie watcher when I was a kid. The Fly was one I never missed on Chiller Theater on Sat. mornings. That`s the reason I called it that, also because it is called Fly Fishing, and nobody I ever saw ties one. So I did.

Materials Vincent Price:


Tying Instructions Vincent Price:

    Step One

    1.  Attach green peacock to hook,wrap forward to 2/3`s of hook shank.

    Step Two

    2. Prepare wings with Sally Hansen`s hard as nails, set aside to dry.

    Step Three

    3. Dub thread with black dubbing, leave space at end of hook close to the eye.

    Step Four

    4. Wrap thread back to attach wings.

    5. Small amount of dubbing to cover the wings tie in point.

    Step Five

    Jeffery 6. Small amount of seal natural brown or black for legs. This is a little tricky, any that wraps over top of fly can be cut away. Whip finish and cement.

    7. Treat fly with Gink's floatant, it floats without but it sure helps. Good luck and good fishin.

That is Jeffrey on the right with a nice striper. (DLB)

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