Bluegill Bomber
By Matt, (Warm Water Fly Fisher) PA

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One day while tying at the bench I came up with this fly. I was just messing around and I thought the fly looked pretty cool so I tried it out. It is a effective fly for me for panfish. They generally hit this fly while it is sinking or while I slowly pull and twitch it along the bottom. I hope you enjoy it.


    Hook: 3906 or other wet fly hook. Sizes 8-14

    Thread: Black 6/0.

    Body: Brown chenille.

    Rib: UTC small copper wire.

    Wing: Pheasant.

    Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hen Cape dyed March Brown.

Directions Bluegill Bomber:
    1. Start thread on the shank.

    2. Tie in copper wire and brown chenille at rear of shank, (tie the wire in first).

    3. Tightly wrap the chenille forward and tie off. Then trim the excess chenille. Next wrap the wire forward tying off and trimming excess.

    4. Prepare pheasant feather by stripping off the sides.

    5. Tie in the pheasant feather tip, and trim.

    6. Tie in one of the Brahma hen feathers and wrap them about 4-5 times around the hook. Stroke the barbs back towards the rear of the hook. Trim any stray fibers that are pointing towards the eye.

    7. Finish off head and tie down any stray fibers. Whip Finish and add head cement or other finish to the head of the fly.

JC and LF thank you for keeping such a good site going. And thanks to all the administrators for keeping the BB "clean."

This fly works very well for the local bluegills and other panfish. I have caught a few native trout on these too. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM. Take Care and Happy Tying. ~ WWFF ~ Matt

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