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Pete's Rogue River Special
By Pete Hiatt, Sisters, OR

This is a good all-around trout/steelhead/salmon fly. The Rogue River Special was a takeoff on the Royal Wulff and I modified it a bit further.

Materials Pete's Rogue River Special:

    Hook: Montana Fly Co #4 style 7099-GD.

    Tail: Fluff from red dyed chicken feather.

    Body: Rear, peacock herl, middle and front red or orange yarn.

    Hackle: Dark furnace.

    Wing: Grey squirrel.

    Overwing: Pair of jungle cock feathers.

Tying Instructions for Pete's Rogue River Special:

    1. We start with a Montana Fly Co hook #4 style 7099-GD. We add the fluff from a dyed red chicken feather as the tail.

    2. Next we add peacock herl for the rear body. I use three or four strands of it wrapped with thread to add stability. It makes up a quarter or third. The front portion is red or orange yarn.

    3. Next we add the dark furnace hackle color.

    4. Now we apply the wing of grey squirrel tail. Over that and at the same angle we apply a pair of jungle cock feathers.

    5. Great pattern, try it! ~ Pete Hiatt, (Whopper Bubba)

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