Mart's Snowshoe Emerger
By Martin Westbeek, Oisterwijk, Netherlands

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Hook: Daiichi 1180 #14

Thread: Uni 8/0

Body: Superfine dubbing.

Rib: Gudebrod 3/0 (yes, those were the days) or similar.

Thorax: Hare's Ear of Grey Squirrel dubbing.

Wing: Snowshoe Hare.


1. Start the thread and tie in the rib.

2. Wrap the thread well into the bend, keep the rib below or on the other side of the hook.

3. Take some dubbing and fold. Put the thin end of the dubbing against the thread, close to the hook. Keep the thread tight, and turn the dubbing around the thread. This will produce a tapered body that is very thin at the end.

4. Dub the body (3/4) up the hook

5. Rib the body; five wraps will do. I wrap away from me: the body is made of more wraps than the rib, so the rib will never disappear between the dubbing wraps. The tension on the tying thread makes the rib stay nice and tight. Make 3 wraps forward with the thread.

6. Clip a bunch of Snowshoe from the foot. I usually clip a larger bunch for 3 – 4 wings, and divide that. The curly underfur will keep the bunch together. Take a bunch the size of the hook gape, remove any hairs that are too long.

7. Tie the bunch on top of the hook shank. The tips should extend over the hook eye. Make 3 wraps with maximum thread tension, and pull up instead of down.

8. Make 3 – 5 horizontal wraps between the wing and the hook shank. Apply a small drop of varnish of CA glue to the thread.

9. Take some Hare's Ear or Squirrel dubbing and make a loose dubbing noodle.

10. Dub the thorax by making figure-of-eights around (and below!) the wing. Whip finish and put a small drop of varnish to the knot.

11. Clip the rear end of the bunch.

12. Clip a V-shape from the rear wing.

13. A top view of the wing.

14. A view from below. ~ Martin Westbeek

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