Snowshoe Sparkle Dun
By Martin Westbeek, Oisterwijk, Netherlands

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Hook: Daiichi 1180 #16

Thread: Uni 8/0 or similar.

Shuck: Antron or similar

Body: Superfine dubbing

Wing: Snowshoe Hare, medium grey.


1. Start the thread.
2. Wrap the thread back to a point about 2/3 of the hook shank. Twist the thread in a clockwise direction, and wrap a small thread bump with crisscross wraps.

3. Tie in the Snowshoe hair (pinch & loop), tips extending over the hook eye. Keep the hair on top of the hook shank: pull up, not down. Secure the hair with 5 tight wraps.

4. This is the chaos management part: pinch the hair, work you scissors into the bunch and clip off the top 1/3 of the hair.

5. Make a few wraps, and clip off another 1/3 of the hair.

6. Make a few wraps and clip off the rest of the hair. This produces a tapered body. Also works very well if you're tying Wulff style dries with elk or calf hair. The thread should be between the point of the hook and the barb.

7. Tie in the Antron shuck.

8. Secure with some thread wraps.

9. Dub the thread. I like thin, loosely dubbed bodies on my Sparkle Duns because that makes them somewhat translucent.

10. Dub the body up to the wing.

11. Put the wing up by making 35 thread wraps on top of the thread bump. In order to keep the wing up I put a small drop of CA glue on the hook shank in front of the wing. With the nail of my thumb I push the glue into the wing, which will then fan out.

12. Front view of the wing shape.

13. Add some dubbing.

14. Dub behind and in front of the wing, don't leave a gap in the dubbed body below the wing. Cut the shuck to length, about a hook shank long.
15. Tie off and put a drop of varnish on the knot. ~ Martin Westbeek

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