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By Richard Komar

The Leech-Mouse is a simple-to-tie, dual-material, dual-purpose bass fly.

The Leech-Mouse starts life as a mouse on the surface. When the rabbit fur gets sufficiently water-soaked, the Leech-Mouse sinks slowly below the surface and transforms into a leech. The fly is 4 inches long with no weight on the hook shank. A monofilament weedguard is optional. Brown, gray and black are good colors to start with.

Materials for the Leech-Mouse

    Hook: Mustad 3366, size 1/0.

    Thread: 3/0 or G, Black.

    Body: Crosscut Rabbit Fur Strip, Gray.

    Tail: Saddle Hackle Feather, Gray.

Instructions for the Leech-Mouse:

    1. After laying a thread base along the hook shank, tie in a saddle feather by the base, concave (dull) side down, at the hook bend. The overall length from hook eye to tip of feather should be 4 inches.

    2. Tie in a crosscut rabbit fur strip at the hook bend. The fur should sweep toward the rear of the hook and the leather strip should be hidden from view.

    3. Wind the rabbit strip with slightly overlapping wraps away from you. Continue winding to just before the hook eye.

    4. Trim the excess rabbit strip and build a thread head to completely cover the strip end. Whip finish and apply head cement. Done!

    How to Fish the Leech-Mouse:

    Cast the Leech-Mouse at the edges of lily pads, under overhanding structure or very close to shore. Use a frantic retrieve to mimic a mouse that fell into the water. Pause the retrieve several times to mimic a resting mouse. Once the Leech-Mouse sink, it is a dead mouse, until you start a very slow retrieve imitating a leech.

    Remember, as long as the Leech-Mouse is on the surface, it is a "drowning mouse." When it disappears below the surface, it transforms itself into an "undulating juicy leech."

    Present this morsel to bass in this manner and you will be sounding the "dinner bell!" ~ Richard

    About Richard:

    Richard Komar is a warmwater flyfisher residing in Plano, Texas and is a member of the Great American Bass Club and the Dallas FlyFishers.

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