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CDC Loop-Wing Emerger

The use of a long-shank hook combined with a loopwing that spans the thorax incorporates a generous amount of CDC in this pattern for good floatation. Type 2 CDC feathers can produce a very neat, uniform wing, but we often dress this style with Type 4 feathers to produce some stray barbs at the sides of the wings.

Materials for the CDC Loop-Wing Emerger

    Originator: Hans Weilenmann.

    Hook: TMC 5212, or other fine-wire 2XL hook, #12-#20.

    Thread: Olive 6/0.

    Shuck: Light gray poly yarn.

    Abdomen: Medium olive hare's ear dubbing.

    Thorax: Dark olive hare's ear dubbing.

    Wing: One or two Type 2 gray CDC feathers.

Instructions for the CDC Loop-Wing Emerger:

    1. Attach the thread and position it at the tailing point. Tie in a few strands of poly yarn fibers to make a sparse shuck about one shank-length long.

    2. Use the direct dubbing method (page 34) to dub a slender, slightly tapered abdomen on the rear half of the hook shank.

    3. Mount the CDC feathers directly ahead of the abdomen. The tip of the feather should extend rearward far enough to form the loopwing - at least one shank-length or so.

    4. Dub the thorax.

    5. Hold a dubbing needle crosswise over the midpoint of the abdomen. Fold the CDC around the needle, toward the hookeye, to make a loop about one hook-gap in height.

    6. Withdraw the needle. With the left fingers, pinch the feather tip against the hook shank just behind the eye. Bind the tip down, clip the excess, and form the head. Whip finish the fly.

This fly is from the terrific new book, Tying Emergers by Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson, published by Frank Amato Publications.

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