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Larva Lace Black Widow
Text and photos by Larva Lace

From our friends at Larva Lace, here is one to fish - but also an introduction to tying more 'realistic' flies.

Materials for the Larva Lace Black Widow:

    Hook: Daiichi 1130 #10.

    Thread: Danville 6/0 - black.

    Body: Larva Lace Pre-Sliced Foam - black.

    Hour Glass: Larva Lace Nymph Rib - blood red.

    Legs: Larva Lace Midge Rib - black, and Medium fine wire.

Tying Instructions for the Larva Lace Black Widow:

    Step 1: Place the hook in the vise, then wrap a layer of thread from the eye to the end of the hook. The thread layer should cover about half the bend. Select one wide and one narrow strip of black Pre-Sliced Foam. Cut the wide strip into 3 equal lengths. Stack the 3 pieces and trim them with a slight taper about 1/4 inch long at one end. The taper will make it easier to tie-in the foam. These 3 pieces will form the tear drop shape of the body.

    Step 2: Tie-in the 3 wide strips, then the single narrow strip, and finally the blood-red Nymph Rib.

    Step 3: Wrap the single narrow strip forward and tie-off at half-way between the tie-in point and the hook eye. Wrap the thread at the mid-point to form a flat area for the leg attachment later.

    To form the hour-glass, wrap the blood-red Nymph Rib forward twice over the body foam (narrow strip). Be sure the Nymph Rib is tied-off on top (later, the three wide strips will cover up the tie-off).

    Step 4: Pull the 3 strips forward over the body to make the tear drop shape. Tie-down the 3 strips just in-front of the hour-glass. Trim away the excess foam and wrap enough thread to cover the ends of the foam.

    Step 5: To make the legs, cut four lengths of black Larva Lace Midge at 3 inches long. Cut four lengths of medium fine wire at 3 inches long.

    This next step requires a little lubricant, preferably something synthetic (dish soap, synthetic reel oil, etc). Dip the end of the medium fine wire in the lubricant then insert the wire into the Larve Lace Midge. Align the legs with the hook shank, then tie the legs on top of the thorax (leave a little room for the head).

    Pull the front legs backward and build-up the thread to form the head. Pull the legs forward over the head.

    Seperate the legs about the body. Bend the legs up above the body, then about the middle bend the legs down to form the leg joint. Make adjustments as desired.

Several people have tried to kill this fly while it was sitting on the desk - - just think how eager the fish will be to munch on it. ~ Larva Lace

Publisher's Note: This is just one of the flies Sponsor Larva Lace sends out in their monthly Newsletters. Sign up on their website: HERE. ~ DLB

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