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Diamond Hair Streamer
AKA JR's Baitfish, Shad Pattern
By Terry Lancaster

This Pattern was featured in the summer 2004 Edition of Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine. It includes step-by-step tying instructions with full color photos of each step.

*Just a note for those that tie this pattern without the Lead Weight, the ADH material is non-porous and after a few false casts are completed it will want to float on top of the water. I have had fish strike at the fly while it's floating on the surface and completely miss getting hooked. John Rohmer says "He now ties all his flies with the weight installed" unless he specifically wants a streamer without weight.

Materials for the Shad Pattern, Diamond Hair Streamer:

    Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 #1-2/0 (It Very Important to use this specific hook when tying this pattern, it is the right weight and has the required short shank to avoid the material from wrapping around and fowling the fly).

    Thread: 6/0 Uni White.

    Bottom: ADH Pearl/Green (ADH = Arizona Diamond Hair)

    Top: Successive layers of ADH Silver Minnow, ADH Light Silver, ADH Peacock.

    Eyes: 3D Holographic Silver, Red or Yellow (#2 hook use 2.5mm size eye, & #1/0 hook use a 3mm eye).

    Weight: 15 wraps of lead (appropriate size for hook) covered with Mylar.

Tying Instruction for the Shad Pattern, Diamond Hair Streamer:

This fly is tied with all materials tied in and pointing towards the hook eye. After tying in all the material, it is then pulled back over the hook shank and super glued down.

Step 1

1.Install 15 wraps of lead (Lead Size: Appropriate for hook size), cover lead wraps with Mylar. Attach thread behind hook eye and turn hook upside down. Bring thread back 1/4".

Step 2

2.Separate a small pinch of ADH Pearl/Green. The material will be tied down in the middle of the clump, then pulled back over itself and tied down. At this point you need to cut the material to a suitable length for the size of hook you're using.

Step 3

3.Pull the fibers between your thumb and first finger to align them laying in the same direction. This is a little unruly at first but becomes easier after some ractice. Any stray fibers can be cut and put back in the pile. Nothing is wasted.

Step 4

4.As I mentioned above, tie the material in the middle up behind the eye of the hook. Fold the rearward facing clump forward over itself and tie down so all the tips are facing over the eye of the hook.

Step 5

5.Turn hook over to do the top. Bring thread back a bit and tie in a small clump of Peacock ADH in the middle with the tips facing forward over the eye of the hook. Fold it over itself and tie it down again.

Step 6

6.Bring thread back and tie in a small clump of Light. Silver ADH. Fold material back over itself and tie down again.

Step 7

7.Bring thread back and tie in a slightly larger clump of Silver Minnow ADH. Bring clump back over itself and tie down again. Do not tie off. Just add a drop of super glue and trim the thread.

Step 8

8.At this point all the materials are tied down with the tips facing forward. There is one color below and three colors above.

Step 9

9.Pull the fibers back over the hook shank. It is easy to separate the colors because the Peacock is next to the Pearl/Green. Material is now pointing in the proper direction to finish the fly.

Step 10

10.At this point adjust the fibers to the shape head you desire and apply a thin coat of 5 second fingernail glue with the brush applicator. I do the bottom first, pulling the fibers back and then gluing it right to the hook shank. This keeps the fiber below the fly from fouling the hook when casting.

Step 11

11.Turn the fly over and form the head shape you desire and apply nail glue.

Step 12

12.Attach 3D molded eyes to the side of the fly with tweezers and re-coat with nail glue again.

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

Step 16

Step 17

Step 18

13.Apply a small Shoulder Spot (Black Dot) 1/2" behind and slightly above center of the eye with a Permanent Black Marker (Sharpie).

The following is a list of additional fly pattern colors and the ADH material required to tie them.

ADH colors are listed from TOP to BOTTOM of the is tied with three colors on top and one below.

Silver eyes.
ADH Colors,
Silver Minnow

Gold eyes. Use Gold Mylar to wrap the lead, if weight is used.
ADH Colors,Gold eyes. Use Gold Mylar to wrap the lead,
Golden Shiner
Pearl Gold

Yellow eyes.
ADH Colors,
Green Chartreuse
Green Chartreuse
Pearl Green
Pearl Gold

Silver eyes.
ADH Colors,
Silver Minnow
Pearl Green

Yellow eyes.
ADH Colors,
Silver Holo
Light Silver Holo

Gold eyes.
ADH Colors,
Light Silver Holo
Silver Minnow
Starlight ~ akalooker

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