Jax Suicide Nymph
By Jack Murray (Jax) New Zealand

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Materials for the Jax Suicide Nymph:

    Hook: Mustad 94840 # 12 to 16 .

    Thread: Black.

    Tail: Brown whiting hackle whisks.

    Egg Sac: Red acrylic wool dubbing.

    Rib: Copper Wire [Brown varnish].

    Body: Black Floss.

    Wing Case: Slip from the black and white top of a Turkey Tom Tail.

    Thorax: 50/50 blend hare and opossum saddle fur.

    1. Wrap hook shank with tying thread from eye to start of the bend.

    2. Apply combed and clipped red acrylic wool dubbing to thread.

    3. Wrap Dubbed thread to form small egg sac.

    4. Tie in several Brown hackle whisks for tail. Allow whisks to overhang the hook bend by one shank length allow to flare.

    5. Tie in Copper Wire for Rib and run thread back toward the eye.

    6. Tie in Black floss for the body near to the eye.

    7. Wrap floss in overlapping turns down to the bend and back to a point just before the eye and tie off.

    8. Trim off excess floss and spiral wrap the copper wire tie off and twist off excess wire. Run thread back toward bend a quarter inch.

    9. Tie in a slip of Black and White Turkey Tom tail feather Black for the wing case. Tie in Black end. Allow enough space in front of the wing case for dubbed thorax and head.

    10. Dubb the thread with a 50/50 blend of Hare saddle fur and Wallaby saddle fur.

    11. Form a good Thorax with the dubbed thread. Finish with the thread in front of the dubbed thorax.

    12. Pull the turkey tail feather slip forward over the dubbed thorax and secure firmly with the tying thread in front of the thorax and clip excess material.

    13. Tidy the head with thread then whip finish and clip excess thread.

    14. Brush off any surplus fur etc; and apply head cement. Go Fish.

The nymph can be weighted by wrapping the hook shank with a layer of lead wire and adding another layer of lead wire where the Thorax will be formed. [Be careful not to crowd the gape area of the hook, a common mistake with weighted bodies which causes missed hook-ups.] ~ Jack Murray (Jax)

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