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Shallotte Shrimp
By Scott Gresham

I wanted to share this one with you folks. This is my first attempt at an "original pattern." It's tied in the style of the Clouser Crayfish to give the segmented body effect. Hope you like it.

Shallotte Shrimp

    Hook: #4 - 1/0.

    Thread: Flat waxed nylon.

    Underbody: Lead wire.

    Head: Sand colored "Neer Hair," 4 strands of Sand/Orange-BLK Silly Legs, 8 strands UV Krystal Flash.

    Antennae: 2 strands black Krystal Flash.

    Eyes: 30# monofilament, melted.

    Back: Light tan Swiss Straw.

    Body: Light tan rabbit dubbing.

    Legs: Ginger neck hackle.

Instructions for the Shallotte Shrimp:

    1. First tie in a piece of lead wire on either side of hook. Then add Silly Legs and Krystal flash, mono eyes. Place 2 strands of black Krystal Flash on top to make antennae.

    2. Cut Swiss straw into a point and tie in.

    3. Dub head.

    4. Fold in Swiss straw over head, tie in hackle ginger heck hackle and advance thread to hook eye.

    5. Dub body back up hook shank forming a tapered body.

    6. Use hackle pliers to palmer hackle down to hook eye. Leave hackle pliers attached to keep from unraveling. Wrap thread forward and tie down Swiss straw over body creating the segmented effect. Be careful to place wraps on top of body so that they do not show from underneath. Wraps will be covered by Swiss straw. Repeat this until you reach the hook eye.

    7. Trim excess hackle, whip finish and add head cement. Finally, cut tail as shown and comb out dubbing to add fullness to body. ~ SG

How to Fish the Shallotte Shrimp

This fly may be tied in colors to match your local shrimp - saltwater or fresh! Fish on bottom, using short burst retrieves as it tries to escape.

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