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Foam Bubble Parachute
Text and photos by Bill Pitts, Grays Harbor, WA

The fly is a variation of the Klinkhammer Special

Materials: Foam Bubble Parachute

    Hook: Size 16, I bend mine to shape like the Klinkhammer Special.

    Thread: Danville 6/0 color to match natural. I use white and color it with permanent felt tip pen.

    Body: Stripped peacock herl.

    Hackle: Barred Grizzly to match natural.

    Wing (Post): Iridescent foam.

    Thorax: Peacock herl.

Tying Instructions: Foam Bubble Parachute

    1. Fold foam in half.

    2. Cut down foam.

    3. Seal the edges closed. Be careful not to melt everything.

    4. Wrap on thread.

    5. Tie in wing/post.

    6. Tie in the stripped peacock herl at the bend.

    7. Wrap peacock herl forward and tie off.

    8. Tie in hackle feather.

    9. Tie in peacock herl and wrap it around thread for strength.

    10. Wrap peacock herl on and tie off.

    11. Wrap on hackle and whip finish.

~ Bill Pitts

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