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Text and photos by Richard Komar

The Alien is a simple-to-tie, all-artificial surface fly, developed and tested in the waters of north Texas on warmwater species for the past year.

The Alien is virtually indestructible and unsinkable. It was designed to resemble a generic floating life-form to fish. It floats on its elongated head with its deadly underbody suspended just below the surface.

Materials: The Alien

    Hook: Mustad 94840, sizes 6, 10, 14; Mustad 3366 size 2.

    Thread: 6/0, 8/0, Black.

    Body: Ice Chenille, Black.

    Head: Rainy's Float Foam, Black.

    Legs: Round Rubber, Black.

Tying Instructions: The Alien

    1. Wrap a thread base along the hook shank starting just behind the eye, leaving enough room for attaching the Alien's head.

    2. Wrap the shank with ice chenille and tye off.

    3. Tye in a pair of rubber legs to form the Alien's thorax and abdomen.

    4. Cut the Rainy's Float Foam at an angle on both ends. Length should extend from the eye to the hook bend.

    5. Heat a bodkin needle and pierce a hole in the front of the Alien's head.

    6. Apply a dab of Super Glue gel or brush-on liquid to the bare hook shank behind the hook eye and slip the Alien's head onto the hook. Done!

How to Fish the Alien:

The Alien is fished like a popper. After casting this creature out on the water, let it sit motionless till the water rings from its noisy landing subside. Then twitch ever so slightly to impart a hint of life to the legs and chenille exoskeleton. The hook bend is concealed amongst the strands of ice chenille. If no strike yet, start pulling the Alien slowly toward you. This slow creep will start a very, very subtle side-to-side motion. Let it rest again till all rings disappear. Finally, jerk the Alien like a popper. Repeat the cycle.

For added excitement, fish a size 14 baby Alien on a 12 inch tippet strand extending from the hook bend of a size 2 mother Alien.

Rainy's Float Foam and hook sizes:

    Size 2 XL
    Size 6 L
    Size 10 M
    Size 14 S

The Alien is a deadly visitor to warmwater worlds. Its next visit: coldwater environments.

~ Richard

About Richard:

Richard Komar is a warmwater flyfisher residing in Plano, Texas and is a member of the Great American Bass Club and the Dallas FlyFishers. You can reach Richard at

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