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Back Beach Bomber
Back Beach Bomber
By Jeff Smith

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This fly uses the EZ body spreader and also has the added EZ body nose cone. After seeing Rich Murphy's Conomo Special I began to play at the vise. I wanted a fly to use at night that had big shoulders and decent length and was castable. What you see here is the result of a year's experimentation.

The first ones off the vise went to Tony Stetzko of Orleans, MA. Probably one of the most if not the most successful fly fisherman to consistently take big striped bass on the fly. He liked these patterns and scored fairly well with them.

If tied proportionately this fly is really beautiful. I fish mine on a short stout leader consisting of 2 feet of 40-50 lb hard mono and 2 feet of 20lb mono. Sit down with me and learn how to tie this guy and don't be intimidated by it's size. It's fairly easy to tie, as you will see. Jeff


Hook:  6/0 Trey Combs Big Game Hook.

Thread:  Larva Lace Fine Nylon.

Tail:  Black yak or Black Kinky Fiber.

Tail Collar:  Yellow Bucktail with palmered yellow marabou.

Tail Flash:  Yellow Holographic fiber.

Spreader:  " Large pearl EZ Body tubing.

Body:  12 inch black Kinky Fiber.

Body Flash:  Electric Banana Angel hair, Black/purple holographic fiber, peacock Krystal flash and or peacock holographic fiber.

Topping:  Black Ostrich herl topped with peacock herls.

Collar:  Black palmered marabou.

Head:  1/2" Large EZ Body braid. Marked with waterproof markers.

Eyes:  5/8" stick-on mylar.

Tying Steps:

1. Secure hook in vise and wrap shank with Larva Lace fine nylon thread. Using the folding technique, attach a length of long black yak hair or Kinky Fiber. For this fly we used Kinky Fiber and will refer to it from now on.

2. Cut a clump of yellow bucktail and secure with two medium tension wraps on top of the black Kinky Fiber. Take your fingers and roll the bucktail around the hook in a 360-degree effect. Tie down and add a drop of Zap a Gap. Cut 3-5 strands yellow holographic fiber and using the folding technique, tie in on top of yellow bucktail.

3. Next we are going to add a yellow marabou collar around the tail. Take a yellow marabou plume and tie in by its tip like you would to tie a wet fly hackled collar. You want the marabou to flow back over the tail so have the peak of the plume facing forward once tied in. Palmer the marabou forward manually stroking it back as you move forward. Tie off and wrap thread through marabou while stroking it back to where you tied it in. This will keep the marabou from coming apart.

4. Cut a 2 inch piece of 1/2" EZ body braid. Take the nylon polyester stitching out and slide over the eye of the hook. Secure evenly with the point of the hook, tie a few half hitches and tie off. Add a drop of Zap a Gap.

5. Grasp the EZ body tubing at the open (or right hand) end and push it back over itself. Similar to the way you would turn a sock inside out. Since the doubled over EZ body forms the under structure of the head, this can serve as criteria for how large to make it. Next encircle the EZ body about mid-shank with your thread. Take some turns of thread around the tubing to secure it to the hook shank. You may want to adjust the position of the tubing a bit. Try to work the material towards the top of the hook in order to increase the amount of space for clean hook sets. Trim the excess EZ body tubing. A soldering iron may be used to melt the tubing to produce a clean trim. If a soldering iron is used beware of flammable materials and solvents. Next add a pinch of Electric Banana Angel hair on top of the newly formed spreader.

6. Now we start to build the body. For this particular fly I used 12 inch Kinky Fiber folded over. Start on the front side of the fly and add 10-12 strands of Kinky Fiber in front of the spreader using the folding technique. Stagger the ends of the Kinky fiber to keep from getting the paintbrush effect at the end of the fly. Repeat this procedure until you have encompassed clear to the other side. When viewing the fly from the front you want to see the black Kinky Fiber tied in the way you would look at a protractor. 180 degrees.

7. Add black/purple holographic flash using the folding technique. Apply it like you did the Kinky Fiber a few strands at a time up and over to the other side. Next, take 8-10 Ostrich herls and tie in on top.

8. Add 5 strands of Peacock Krystal Flash or Peacock Holographic fiber on top and tie in. Top with 10 strands of natural peacock herls. Rotate the vise and tie in white 6-inch kinky fiber on the bottom of spreader. Stagger the ends like you did for the body.

9. Take two black marabou plumes. Tie one in the same way you did the yellow one for the tail collar. Palmer forward stroking back the fibers to keep from wrapping over them. Tie down, trim off stem and wrap the thread forward through the marabou back to the tie in point. Tie in second plume and wrap forward in same manner and tie off. Stroke the marabou back with your free hand and wrap the thread back over the marabou to the tie in point. Wetting your fingers helps. Add a drop of Zap a Gap.

10. Cut a 2-inch piece of EZ body tubing and take out polyester stitching. Slide over shank and tie in right up to the marabou collar. Tie off and add a drop of Zap a Gap.

11. Repeat step 5 pushing the tubing back alternating between pinching the tubing between your thumb and index finger. Tie down just behind the eye and make 10 or so tight wraps. Tie off; add a drop of Zap a Gap.

12. Add 5/8" mylar stick-on eyes with the help of a dab of Goop. When set color upper sides of mylar tubing with a dark olive marker and mark the top with a black marker. For gill effect use a red Testors paint marker. Finish head by coating with a thin coat of Devcon 5 minute epoxy or several coats of Softex.

How to Fish the Back Beach Bomber

The Back Beach Bomber was designed to be fished at night off the Outer Beaches of Cape Cod. The darker color is great on nights when the moon is new or in one of it's quarter phases. Darker flies give better silhouettes on darker nights. Fishing the Back Beach Bomber takes patience. The fly fishes best on a type 2 sinking line with a very slow steady retrieve with no pause. Put the rod grip under your arm and use a two handed retrive so the fly just motors along ever so slowly . . . On nights with a full moon or near full try using Back Beach Bombers in yellow. ~ Jeff Smith

About Jeff Smith:

Jeff lives in Wellfleet, MA and is a wade guide and has a popular saltwater flyfishing website. You will find other interesting saltwater flies there as well.

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