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Foam Back WD40
Text and photos by Jeremy Barela Custom Flies

This is the sixth in a series of flies representing the life cycle of the midge, Diptera, family Chironomidae. It is claimed Diptera are the most numerious and widely distributed of all insects available to all freshwater fish.

For the complete article on these valuable midges, read More Midges.

Materials: Foam Back WD40

Hook: Daiichi 1130 #18-24.

Thread: Gray 8/0.

Tail: Mallard Flank.

Abdomen: Thread.

Thorax: Adams gray superfine dubbing.

Wingcase: White razor foam.

Tying Instructions: Foam Back WD40

    1. Start thread at eye and wrap back to just past the halfway point.

    2. Tie in mallard flank to create tail and wrap to above the barb. Then pull mallard flank to correctly size the tail.

    3. Wrap thread back towards eye and trim excess mallard flank. Also, leave enough room behind eye to create a bulky thorax.

    4. Tie in a thin strip of razor foam for thorax.

    5. Using Adams gray superfine dubbing, dub a bulky thorax.

    6. Pull razor foam over thorax to create wing case and tie off. Trim excess foam.

    7. Whip finish a small head.

Note - to help foam last longer, some sort of cement can be used. I prefer Sally Hanson's Hard as Nails. ~ Jeremy

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