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By Robb Howard (Coach)

Materials for the Caterpillar:

    Hook: Down eye Streamer hook Mustad 9672 (size 8-14).

    Thread: Black Uni-thread.

    Butt: Red optional.

    Underbody: Craft foam optional.

    Body: Floss yellow, olive, or black.

    Hackle: Ring neck pheasant rump feather dyed orange or black.

    Overbody: Peacock Herl.

    Rib: Ultra Wire color match or contrasting.

Tying Instructions for The Caterpillar:

1. Add 1/8" bead or knot and mount hook.

2. Attach thread to hook. Sometimes I use red on the butt.

3. Thread bump ahead of the bend of the hook tie in hackle ahead of the bump leaving the thread behind the hackle. Three or four turns of hackle, bring the thread thru and half hitch. Hackle is for movement not buoyancy.

4. Tie on wire and peacock herl and bring thread forward.

5. Either create the body with the floss or use craft foam to build up a body. When wrapped tight, it does not create buoyancy.

6. Tie in floss and over wrap the foam. Half hitch.

7. Bring the herl forward using the wire to anchor the herl and create a rib.

8. Tie in the second hackle. Three or four wraps and whip finish.

Fishing the Caterpillar:

I have caught Bluegills and Bass with this fly. I especially like working overhanging cover, weed edges, piers and docks. I let it settle for a couple of beats and then retrieve with four or five 3-inch to 4-inch strips and then let it settle again. Enjoy. ~ Robb Howard

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