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Chamois Egg-Sucking Leech
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Chamois Egg-Sucking Leech
Photos and text by Steven H. McGarthwaite

This is a great fly for Bass and Pike. A variation on the regular Woolly Bugger or Egg-Sucking Leech, using cut piece of chamois leather (available at hardware stores in the auto care section). The other different material is Uni-Thread 2X Mohair Yarn. This is a quick easy fly to tie (under 5 minutes), and can be done in any color you wish.

Materials: Chamois Egg-Sucking Leech

    Hook:  Mustad 3366, Size 3/0, 2/0, or 1/0.

    Thread:  3/0 Uni-Thread, color of Mohair Yarn.

    Non-Lead Weight:  .025 Diameter.

    Weight Wrap:   Uni-Thread 2X Mohair Yarn.

    Body:  Chamois Leather, dyed to color.

    Chenille:  Red, Yellow or Green (your choice).

Tying Steps:

1. Using cardboard pattern, trace Leech Body onto Chamois Leather and cut out Leech Body.

2. Color both sides of Chamois Leather, if using any color other than Black, choose a lighter shade than you wish Leech to be (Notice difference between color of Tube vs. Chamois Leech Body.

3. Secure Hook in vise.

4. Wrap complete hook with non-lead wire. Push wire together using thumbs to prevent gaps between wire.

5. Lock Wrap the Mohair Yarn in at the rear of wire weight, wrap forward then back to rear.

6. Lock Wrap the 3/0 Thread on to rear of hook, securing the Mohair Yarn, cut yarn off at thread.

7. Lay Leech Tail on top of hook yarn body, wrap thread ribbing fashion forward to eye.

8. Attach Chenille and wrap forward to eye and back, half hitch.

9. Attach small segment of Mohair Yarn, twist Mohair Yarn around Thread (clockwise). Wrap over Thread Puller behind eye. Snip Yarn and Thread and pass thru Thread Puller Wire.

10. With Tension on Thread and Yarn Tag, pull Thread Puller out from under Yarn Whip Finish.

11. Using Dubbing Brush, Shape Body by pulling loose Mohair Yarn.

12. Black Chamois Egg-Sucking Leech. ~ Steven H. McGarthwaite

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