Northern Lights
by Fly Goddess, Utah

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Materials List:

    Hook: Tiemco 200R.

    Thread: Black 14/0.

    Abdomen: Uni Double Side Mylar, Orange/Peacock #14.

    Rib: Fine Gold Wire.

    Thorax: Peacock.

    Collar: Partridge (Less is More)

    UNI MYLAR The Peacock side:


1. Dress Hook with thread. Stop before the bend to form a short Body.

2. Add fine GOLD wire.

3. Add Mylar with ORANGE side up:

4. Wrap Mylar up short of eye. Over lap and back track to form a tapered body. Then wrap wire for rib.

5. Add Peacock for Thorax.

6. Strip on side of Partridge feather and attach by the tip.

7. Wrap one or two times—less is more. Don't make it too bushy.

8. Use Head Cement, Epoxy or Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails to create a glossy head. ~ Fly Goddess

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