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PMD Parachute
Fly and Photos by Denny Conrad,
Conranch Hackle, Elk, WA

Pale Morning Dun, which is short for Ephemerella inermis and its sister Ephemerella infrequens. Out here in the Northwest we have a hatch of these two mayflies almost every morning about 10:00 May into sometimes August. The size of these tiny insects is mostly sizes 16 to 18.

I feel it is important to fish the water column from the bottom to the top with the stages of this insect to take full advantage of this insect. Spinners, stillborn-cripples, emergers, adults, duns and nymphs used when fishing the PMD will be to your advantage.

Materials: PMD Parachute

Hook: Any 16 to 18, I prefer the Daiichi 1190.

Thread: Yellow, I like 8/0 Gudebrod.

Wing: Mallard, Parachute style.

Tail: Two Blue dun Micro Fibbets, Split.

Body: Pale Yellow to chartreuse yellow super fine dubbing.

Hackle: Light to Medium barred Ginger. I like to use one size larger than my hook.

Tying Instructions: PMD Parachute

    1. Start by bedding your hook with your thread, front to back. Make a small ball of dubbing at the back to use for splitting the two tails. Tie in the two Fibbets in front of your ball of dubbing.

    2. Select a Mallard flank feather that has the barbs all the same length, not rounded. You can use more than one feather. Strip off the short fiber's and tie in Parachute style. I like to hook my thread in back of the cut off portion so as to hold the post upright. Move your thread back to where you tied in your tail, dub foreword to the post.

    3. Tie in your hackle. I like to wrap up my post and back down to give the hackle a nice base for wrapping. Strip off a few barbs and tie in the stem so it is ready to wrap without tying down barbs.

    4. Wrap in your hackle, top to bottom and tie off in front of the post. Dub a bit in front of your post so as to hide the tie in of your hackle. Whip a very small head and cement.

The PMD Parachute is a very easy fly to tie. It is an adaptable mayfly pattern. Be creative and just plug in different colors for whatever suits your needs in your waters.

I have not been without this fly in my box for years. It does work for me. ~ Denny

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