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Calcasieu Pig Boat
Fly and photos by Mike Birdsong, Idabel, OK

The Calcasieu Pig Boat was named after the Calcasieu River in southwest Louisiana. The fly was created by an innovative fly tier by the name of Tom Nixon. Nixon created his Calcasieu Pig Boat to imitate the Hawaiian Wiggler, a conventional lure that was a "hot bass producer" at the time and a early predecessor of today's spinner baits. Tom also was an advocate of attaching his Pig Boat (or any other fly) to spinner blades (in-line and off-set) and/or adding pork rind to the hook as a trailer.

Materials: Calcasieu Pig Boat

    Hook: - Mustad 3366, #2.

    Thread: - Danville Flat Waxed Nylong.

    Tail: - Black Rubber Hackle.

    Body: - Black Chenille.

    Hackle: - Black Saddle.

    Collar: - Black Rubber Hackle.

Tying Instructions:

1. Pinch the barb and mount the hook in the vise. Attach the about 2/3's down the shank from the hook's eye.

2. Tie in about 8 to 12 pieces of rubber hackle. The tail should be about the same length as the hook shank.

3. By their tips tie in two black hackle feathers.

4. Tie in the black chenille, as pictured I'm leaving about a 1/4 of the hook shank exposed so I'll have room to tie in the collar.

5. Wrap the chenille forward and tie off.

6. Palmer the hackle forward and tie off. Remember leave plenty of room to tie in the rubber hackle collar.

7. Start tying in the rubber hackle. The hackle should extend pass the bend of the hook and should be about even with the tail.

8. It takes lots of rubber hackle to complete the fly but to a large mouth bass it looks like groceries!

9. Notice what a terrible state the head of the fly is in, but here you can see how I tied in the hackle collar buy doubling over each hackle strand. This will make a more durable fly.

10. Now let's use a LOT of thread by completely covering the rubber ends with the flat waxed nylon. Try to make a tapered head.

11. Cover the thread head with black fingernail polish.

12. Use white fingernail polish to put the white part of the eyes on the fly, then using a dubbing needle and the black fingernail polish put a drop in the white center to make the pupils.

12. Wait until all the fingernail polish dries then coat the entire head with Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails.

~ Mike Birdsong

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