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CDC Caddis
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CDC Caddis
By Jeff Pierce, New York

This 19 Most of the trout waters I fish here in Upstate NY are rather placid. There is not a whole lot of whitewater to be found here locally. Our waters are much different than the fast moving waters that I have been so lucky to fish out West. It was tough to keep smaller dry flies (12-16) afloat. We were doing well on gray Caddis dries fishing the Gallatin, Boulder and Yellowstone. So, while tying flies at the FFF National Conclave in Livingston, MT, Ed Alves and I simply loaded up the flies with lots of CDC. That afternoon our dries were floating high and getting a lot of attention from the 14-23" Browns, Cutt's and Rainbows. This pattern has found a permanent space in my box.

Materials: CDC Caddis

    Hook:  R48 (Mustad Signature Series Hook) size 8-16. Substitute's - Mustad R30 or 94838, Partridge YL3A or E4A

    Thread:  6/0 waxed - Gray

    Body:  Partridge SLF Dubbing - Blue Dun.

    Wing:  Select CDC - Gray.

    Overwing:  Bleached Elk Hair.

Tying Steps:

1. Place R48 hook into vice and secure the thread to the hook up near the eye and wrap the thread back to just before the hook begins to curve.

2. Dub SLF dubbing onto thread. Wrap forward so whole tying length is dubbed.

3. Procure yourself 1 or 2 good CDC feathers. Secure the feather(s) so that they extend to just behind the bend of the hook. Try and keep the head as small as possible. The more CDC on this fly the better.

4. Tie in small clump of bleached Elk Hair.

NOTE: If you have some good CDC with short hackles you can palmer the CDC the whole length of the shank instead of tying it on top. If you do this there is no need to do a dubbed body. (See Photo of CDC Caddis Variant, below). Yes, it's ugly but the fish really love it.

5. Find a rising fish, cast and hold on!


~ Jeff Pierce, (Dr. Fish)

Fishing Instructions

20 in. Yellowstone Cutt fell for a size 10 CDC Caddis fished on my 2WT.
This is a great little bombproof fly. It floats high and the fish love it. Lots of CDC makes this fly hold up well in fast riffles and holds up to multiple fish. I tend to fish the smaller sizes (14-16) here in Upstate New York and fish the larger sizes (8-12) out in Montana. ~ Jeff Pierce

About Jeff Pierce

Jeff Pierce, AKA Dr. Fish, is the Sales Manager of Fly-Fishing Products for O. Mustad & Son (USA), Inc and Partridge of Redditch. He is the Captain of Team Mustad USA and is a diehard angler and fly tier. He has traveled from Buffalo to Borneo in search of finned quarry to grapple with. For more great flies from Dr. Fish, check out the fly archives at the bottom of the Mustad Sponsor Page.

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