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Red Thread Larva
Text and photos by Jeremy Barela Custom Flies

This is the first in a series of flies representing the life cycle of the midge, Diptera, family Chironomidae. It is claimed Diptera are the most numerious and widely distributed of all insects available to all freshwater fish.

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Materials for the Red Thread Larva

    Hook: Daiichi 1270 18-22.

    Thread: Red UTC 70.

    Body: Red thread.

    Ribbing: Red Thread, spun to create a rope like rib.

Instructions for the Red Thread Larva:

    1. Start thread behind eye. Spin thread so it will lay flat as you wrap the thread back towards the bend of the hook.

    2. Wrap the thread back to above the barb.

    3. Spin thread so it creates a tight rope. First give two tight wraps above barb then space out the wraps so you create a ribbed body, stopping 4 wraps behind the eye of the hook.

4. Whip finish 4-5 times so you finish the fly right behind the eye of the hook.

5. Coat the finished fly with Sally Hanson's Hard as Nails and let dry.

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~ Jeremy

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