Jax Roughy
By Jack Murray (Jax)
Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, North Island of New Zealand.

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    Hook: Kamasan B160. 12. - 18.

    Thread: Black Uni Thread or Polyester.

    Tail: Calf Tail [Brown]

    Body: Tying thread over Calf Tail.

    Wings: Calf Tail [Brown]

    Hackle: Nat Red or Whiting 100's Brown.

    Head: Black.

Step 1. Wrap hook shank with thread from the eye to start of bend. Spiral the thread back to half way along the shank. Secure with a half hitch. Allow bobbin holder to hang. Cut a pinch of Calf Tail long enough to allow for both wings and tail when laid along the length of the hook shank. I allow extra length for trimming to size of both wing and tail. This one-piece wing and tail method is a feature of the fly and helps buoyancy.

Step 2. Catch the Calf Tail in at the point where the thread was left hanging and secure. Work the thread back toward the bend to a point over the barb. Half hitch then work the thread back to the wing position in close tight turns of thread and POST the wing material Upright.

Step 3. Once the wing has been posted split it into two equal sections using figure eight turns. Tie the wings into a Semi Spent Position. Take two turns of thread round the base of each wing to stop the wings fluffing up.

Step 4. Catch and tie the hackle in behind the wings Butt first dull side facing forward allowing for four turns of hackle. Allow the butt end to extend through between the wings, and tie it down in front of the wings and clip the excess.

Step 5. Wrap the Hackle forward toward the eye taking four turns behind the wings and two turns in front of the wings. Tie off and trim surplus hackle and thread.

Step 6. Make a neat head, whip finish and apply head cement.

Step 7. Clip wings and tail if necessary to get a balanced effect. [I know using scissors is frowned upon, but in my experience with the way the fly performs, the trout don't seem to mind, and long wings make the fly spin while casting].

I tie a very sparse version of the Roughy for fishing the evening rise and a medium dressed fly for those windless days when the trout are being picky. The full version as depicted is for windy days and fishing rapids and riffles. It is my 'go to' fly and a great fish fetcher.

So give it a try and have fun. ~ Jax

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