Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #4"

Castwell's Chum Fly

(September 22-28, 1997)

Castwell's Chum Fly


#2 hook, Mustad 34007, Tiempco TMC 811S or Dai-Riki 930.


Tying thread, black or green.


Fluorescent green buck tail, or deer body hair.


Fluorescent green chenille.
Tying Instructions:

Fish this fly on a floating or slow-sink-tip fly line, using a long leader (nine -foot plus tippet.) The fly will float until it picks up some water. Do not treat the fly with dry fly stuff, it's not supposed to float. This fly rides hook-up! Most flies that ride hook-up do so because of weighted eyes. Do not use weighted eyes on this fly. It will be too heavy & snag on the bottom. - JC

  1. Insert a hook in the vice, pinch down or file off the barb.

  2. Cover the hook with a coat of head cement. Wind thread to the rear of the hook.

  3. Tie on Fluorescent green chenille, bring thread forward, wind chenille and secure.

  4. Cut a small clump of Fluorescent green buck tail, or deer body hair cut close to the skin and ends trimmed to length. (Hair needs to be hollow for the fly to ride hook up.)

  5. Tie the clump of hair under the body, extending over and past the bend of the hook.

  6. Whip finish and apply head cement.

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