"Orange Serendipity"
Created and Tied by Doug Persico
Photos by Jim Birkholm

Thanks for use permission!

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Orange Serendipity

This fly is a local variation of a rather standard pattern. Why bother? Because this is deadly in the area of Rock Creek, Montana; any time the cinnamon caddis is present. It may work well for you too. There is a very important tying step which will be explained later in this column.

Materials List:
Hook: Dai-Riki # 735 size 8.
Thread: Orange, size 6/0.
Body: Orange Larva lace (color # 10).
Tail: Coastal deer hair.
Tying Instructions:

1. Start thread at eye and wind to rear of hook.

Step 1

2. Tie in the larva lace ( here is the 'tip') Trim the end of the larva lace to a point so when you wrap the next winds forward there is no bump in it.

Step 2

Step 2

3. Tie in the deer hair (tie the deer hair in the middle)as in the photos and trim.

Step 3

4. Whip finish the head and apply a coat of (important) gloss head cement.

Finished Fly

This may seem nearly too simple a fly to bother with, but just ask Doug Persico of the 'Fisherman's Mercantile and Motel'at Rock Creek, Montana, (406)-825-6440.

Doug Persico and Lady

Fishing the Fly

Fish this fly almost as you should a dry fly when possible. Upstream and dead-drift. It will take trout during the months of September and October when many other variations of the caddis will fail. Good luck, and let Doug know how you do on it.


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