"Modified Carey Special"
by Todd Mobley

From The Virtual Fly Box Thanks for use permission!

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Modified Carey Special

Materials List:

Hook: Size 12 Mustad 79580 or equivalent.

Thread: Black 8/0.

Underbody: Lead wire if desired or dubbing.

Abdomen: Peacock herl.

Beard: Small mottled feathers from the top of a pheasant rump

Wing: Long brown fibers from the bottom of the pheasant rump.

Tying Steps:

1. Start the thread near the eye and bring it back to the bend covering the shank along the way.

2. Now is the time to decide if you want to tie it weighted or not. In the interest of uniformity, I tied all of the swap flies unweighted. Read on if you're not using any weight; if you want a sinker, skip to the next paragraph. Choose any kind of dubbing and dub a smooth underbody that gets thicker in the midsection and tapers back down towards the eye. Wrap the thread back over the dubbing to the bend.

3. If you've already completed the last step, skip this one. Using lead (or unleaded wire), wrap a section of wire in the middle of the shank.Tie securely with the thread and coat with Flexament. Build up the thread next to the wire on both sides to make a smooth underbody. Bring the thread back to the bend.

4. Tie in six peacock herls, clip the ends, and wind the thread almost to the eye. Spin the herls into a rope (I like to do this three at a time) and wind forward to the thread being sure to completely cover the underbody. Tie off the herl rope and clip the ends.

5. Turn the fly upside down and tie in the beard. Be sure to impale your finger repeatedly on the hook during this step. I like to strip (or snip) off some of the fibers and tie them in instead of trying to use a whole feather.

6. Turn the fly back right-side-up and tie in the wing. Similar to the beard, I prefer to strip off some of the fibers and tie those in. Secure the wing with some thread wraps and then build a thread head and whip finish.

7. Apply the head cement and admire the bug.

Finished Fly

This is a favorite wet fly of mine that has been very productive. I like it mainly because of the peacock herl body. There is something about bugs tied with peacock that seem to really attract the fish. Prince Nymphs, Zugbugs, Pheasant Tails and the like all seem to work better for me than other wet patterns. In the interest of a little originality (I stress little) I decided to tie this variation for the swap. I think the mottled colors of the pheasant rump beard make a nice addition to the original pattern. It should be noted that these flies are tied with authentic, wild Eastern Oregon pheasant feathers. This may impress those East Coast trout for those of you on that side of the hill.~Todd Mobley,Portland, Oregon USA

Publisher Note:This fly was orginally tied for a Wet Fly Swap hosted on the Virtual Fly Box. Do check the website, it has a huge variety of flies. A must see for the serious tier.~Deanna Birkholm

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