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Fly Anglers On Line Fly of the Week #36

The Light Cahill Ripple Foam Emerger

by Ray Du Bois

Materials List:
    Hook: Tiemco 100 or Mustad 94840, Size 14.
    Thread: Cream.
    Tail: Wood duck.
    Abdomen: Light Cahill Hair-tron.
    Wing: White CDC.
    Wing Case: Ripple Foam (used as fly box liner or drying patch).
    Legs: Wood Duck.

This is a great pattern to fish at dusk in late May and early June when the Light Cahills are hatching. The pattern is like a combination floating nymph, dry fly, cripple or emerger and is very effective.

Tying Instructions:

1. Start by smashing the barb on the hook (always do this first - there is nothing worse than breaking a hook on a perfectly tied fly!) and tying in 5 or 6 wood duck fibers for the tail. (Dyed mallard may be substituted).

2. Dub a body of light Cahill hair-tron approximately 2/3 of the way up the hook shank.

3. Tie in a wing of white CDC.

4. Snip a piece of ripple foam about 1/2" long and 1/8" thick from the top of the hump in the foam and tie it in upside down facing backward across the back of the hook.

5. Add dubbing and dub to the front of the hook leaving enough room for the head.

6. Pull the ripple foam over the dubbed thorax and tie in tightly with 3 or 4 turns of thread, clip off the excess and cover all the remaining foam with thread. (The ripple foam will compress neatly if tied tightly).

7. Tie in a few wood duck fibers on either side for legs.

8. Form a neat head and whip finish. -RD

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