Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #24"

Mysis Shrimp

February 9th, 1998

Mysis Shrimp
Thanks to Wayne & Kelly Graff.


Tiemco 200R Size 16-20.


White, 6/0.


White ostrich herl.


Pearl Krystal Flash.


Pearl Krystal Flash.

Freshwater shrimp are common in streams as well as lakes. Predators all through nature seen to prefer albino prey, for whatever reasons. Lacking protective coloration and "standing out" among the normals, albinos are usually the first eaten by bigger fish, mammals and birds. For that reason alone, this pattern deserves a try. DB

Tying Instructions:

  1. Tie thread onto hook. Wrap back to the bend of hook.

  2. Tie in two 6-inch pieces of pearl Krystal Flash for the tail, and the ribbing. The tail should be a hooks length. Do not trim excess, as this will provide your ribbing.

  3. Tie in two white ostrich herls, and advance forward, making neat wraps to form body, tie off behind head.

  4. Counter wrap with Krystal flash, and tie off behind eye.

  5. Whip finish, and you are done. A very easy, yet effective mysis shrimp pattern.

"Tying Tip"

You can substitute white rabbit fur (especially if you have a family bunny who needs trimming) to use as dubbing, or white marabou for the ostrich herl if you want. Wayne Graff

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