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DJ's Tarpon Fly
By Captain David Sutton, Homestead FL

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DJ's Tarpon Fly

Materials List:

Hooks:  Mustad 34007, Size 1/0

Thread:  White monocord 3/0.

Body and Head:  Pearl braided mylar tubing.

Tail:  White saltwater saddles, White maribou and pearl crystal flash

Eyes:  Yellow glass.

Tying Instructions:

1.  Start by tying Thread in the length of hook shank. Head cement.

2.  Wrap thread back to start of bend in hook and attach hackles splayed outward.

3.  On this fly, tie in only two hackles, then head cement.

4.  Keep in mind that you dont want a fat clump of tied material, so work forward with each step, and keep a uniform thickness.

5.  Add the crystal flash to the top of the wrap, 8 to 10 strands as long as the hackles.

6.  Head cement again for strength. The weight added is not a problem..

7.  Now tie in the maribou. Use at least 3 long lengths, 1 on top & 1 on each side.

8. Yes! Head cement again, and add your mylar tubing over the top, once you have brought the thread foward to the hook eye. The mylar holds down the maribou and keeps it in order.

9. Finish whip the nose...or head..making a nice cone shape, down to the eye of the hook.

10. Add the eyes with flexcote or 5 minute epoxy.

11. The last step is to 5-minute epoxy the head, only at the attachment point, and the eyes again.

Fishing the Fly:

This fly has been great early in the morning for moving Tarpon. You can add a touch of yellow to the sides with a highlighter, or a little bit of yellow bucktail at the bench. During the brightness of day the yellow seems to help. Tie in Yellow with a little white, Brown with a little white and, Black with red for a few more options. Use the dark colors for stained waters.

Fish these fly's at the running depth of your target, and try to keep the angle as close to head-on, as possible. Of course, only one in five hook-ups last more than fifteen seconds.

But....Wow...that fifteen seconds is so cool.

Let me know how you make out..email me! ~ Capt. David Sutton, Homestead FL

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