Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #21"

Al's C-B Scud

January 19th, 1998

Al's C-B Scud
Photo Copyright ©1998 Al Campbell.
Thanks for use permission.


Mustad 80250BR, TMC2487, or equivalent. Size 8 -18.


6/0 monocord, orange or tan.


Very coarse dubbing, picked out to form legs. Color - orange to olive.


Body StretchTM , Bug SkinTM, or clear plastic.


Copper wire.


Crystal FlashTM (if desired).


A gold or copper bead. (I prefer copper.)

Scuds are a very important food source for fresh water fish. They can be found in both moving and still water, but rarely are they found in polluted water. Also known as fresh water shrimp, they are a dan dy source of protein for fish. They make their homes in weeds near the shore line where they can be found clinging to underwater vegetation. Al Campbell

Tying Instructions:

  1. Slide bead onto hook.

  2. Tie Body StretchTM and wire to hook.

  3. Dub a medium body of very coarse dubbing. Don't twist dubbing too tight to thread.

  4. Pull back material over back, tie down, and rib with copper wire.

  5. Whip finish.

  6. Pick out some of the dubbing with a needle to form legs.

  7. Trim legs roughly, even with hook point.

  8. Cement liberally.

"Tying Tip"

Coarse dubbing used for nymphs and scuds are usually dubbed to look fatter by using more dubbing material on the thread and using thicker fur, such as fox, goat, or the guard hair of hare's mask. Or try one of the synthetic coarse dubbings. db

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