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Millennium Fly

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The Millennium Fly

What will the flies of the next one hundred years look like?

Will more flies be produced from artificial materials? Or will the old standards still be the flies of choice? How about hackle? We've sure come a long way on that front - what's to come?

Will we have more wild fish - or even more temporary trout from hatcheries? And what will it take to fool them?

We want to know what you think! What would your Millennium Fly be? What would it look like?

Here is your chance!

This is a CONTEST!

Send us your Millennium Fly - either by email with a scanned fly or photo, or by snail mail. All entries will be photographed and published on a special page with the tiers names, (unless you don't want anyone to know you got into this at all) here on FAOL at the end of the contest. From those entries JC will pick the winning Millennium Fly. There will be a nifty prize. Everyone has an equal chance to win, while neatness counts, we aren't going to measure each fly for proportions. Your creativity is what counts. (Unless of course you think one of the flies currently in use might still be the fly of the future.) Hmmm . . .

Here are the rules:

    Anyone can enter.
    One entry per person.
    Any type of fly, dry, wet, streamer, saltwater, warm water accepted.
    Winner will furnish recipe, instructions, and fly tied in steps.
    Contest closes January 31st, 2000
    No flies will be returned. (Castwell's fly boxes are getting low.)
If sending by email, send to:
email photos should be in .jpg, or .gif formats.

Mailing address:
Editor Jim Birkholm
Fly Anglers OnLine
P.O. Box 1959
Poulsbo, WA

This is designed purely for fun, and any resemblance between this contest and anything really important is purely coincidental. ~ dlb

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