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Torill's Daddy-long-legs
By Torill Kolbu, Norway

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Torill's Daddy-long-legs

Torill at her bench

The Daddy-long-legs is a great dry fly for freshwater fish such as trout and grayling. I use them quite often, and they fish well the whole season. The real insect often falls onto the water whenever it is blowing or raining and can make a fish that is actually selectively feeding on something else attack. I have been especially successful with this fly imitation in mountain lakes, fished dry.

Daddy Long Legs


Hooks:  Mustad 80050BR, sizes 10 - 14.

Thread:  Black 3/0.

Tail:  Short, fluorescent orange wool thread.

Ribbing:  Fine mother-of-pearl tinsel.

Body:  SLF Whitlock's original no. 2.

Legs:  Six Golden Pheasant tail fibres with knots, made stronger with a fine coating of epoxy glue (softex).

Thorax:  SLF Master class dubbing no. 20, red.

Wings:  Two tips of grey brownish cock hackle.

Hackle:  Good quality cock hackle, same colour as the wings, CDC (natural colour) spun into a loop. Hackles wound a few turns around the Thorax.

Head:  Black tying thread, super glue as varnish.

Yes, I fish!
Torill is a fantastic tier. She is famous especially for her crocheted flies. Instructions for the crocheting technique she is known for are provided on the Mustad website. To read more about her and other flies check out this Mustad website. We thank Torill for use permission! She has promised more in the spring, stay tuned!

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Stay tuned - Bob Jacklin will soon begin a Weekly Tying Tip section here! ~ LadyFisher

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