Fly Angler's OnLine "Fly of the Week #13"

Antron Spent Caddis

(November 24th-30th, 1997)

Antron Spent Caddis


TMC 100, sizes 18-20.




Green spun fur or synthetic dubbing.




Tan hackle.


Black thread.

"Female caddis flies die after ovipositing and once their muscles have relaxed they offer a distinct and large silhouette, and an easy meal. The are taken during the night and early in the morning. The problem wi th tying spent caddis is similar to tying adults, the wings need translucency and a sharp silhouette." - CR

from Caddis Super Hatches © 1997 by Carl Richards and Bob Braendle. Published by Frank Amato Publications. Used with publisher' s permission.
Tying Instructions:

"With more and more anglers practicing catch-and-release, realistic flies have become necessary for success. Realistic meaning more than mere appearance but also natura l action and performance. When tying caddis imitations you must consider many factors, including size, translucence, silhouette and action. You also must be aware of the type of water the fly will be fished in. Fast-water flies need more flotation and gen erally need not be as exact in appearance as flies to be fished in calm, glassy waters. This is true of any imitation." - CR

Dub a body.

Dub a body.

Tie in Antron wings facing rearward.

Tie in Antron wings.

Tie in and wrap hackle.

Trim top & bottom.

Whip finish head.

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