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Green Drake Emerger
Originated by Mike Lawson, Island Park Idaho
Tied by Matt Lyon

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Green Drake Emerger

This is a good fly that should work as an imitation for any of the larger mayfly imitations. I've used it successfully as a Gray Drake imitation on Henry's Fork. Have had very little opportunity to use it as a Green Drake imitation up to now. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a decent hatch of the dang bugs so far. I feel that an emergent type pattern should take fish during the actual hatch, or even during the spinner fall. Soft hackled flies are good cripple imitations, which are on the water during any mayfly activity. Also, this could probably be tied in different sizes and colors to imitate other mayfly species, though I've not tried it yet.

Hook:  Standard dry fly hook, sizes 8 to 10.

Thread:  Olive 6/0.

Tail:  Lemon woodduck flank fibers, or mallard dyed woodduck.

Rib:  Yellow silk thread (or I like to use gold wire or tinsel).

Body:  Olive rabbit dubbing.

Hackle:  Dyed olive grizzly hen hackle (I like to use olive dyed Hungarian Partridge).

Tying Instructions:

1. Mash down barb and place hook in vise.

2. Start thread above barb, tie in Lemon woodduck flank fibers, or mallard dyed woodduck for tail.

3. Tie in yellow thread, or tinsel for rib.

4. Dub body, thin, up to just behind eye.

5. Wrap rib forward 4 or 5 turns. Tie in and trim excess.

6. Tie in hackle, make 2 or 3 turns. Tie in and trim excess.

7. Whip finish, cut thread and cement.

Fishing Suggestions

Fish 'er dead drift to rising fish. ~ Matt

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