"Polar Bear Baitfish"
Text and Flies from Greg A. Webster
The Bent Rod, Mackay, Idaho
Photos by Jim Birkholm

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Polar Bear Baitfish

Here's the fly made from the new Polar Bear substitute I wrote about in the LadyFisher column about The Salt Lake Retailers Show. The photo above was taken in the water!~DB

Materials List:

Hook: 1/0 thru 4 Saltwater.

Thread:  Clear Mono or Blue.

Body:  (top to bottom)
  Angler's Choice "Baitfish" Angel Hair.
  Angler's Choice light blue Poly Bear.
  Angler's Choice chartruse Poly Bear.
  Angler's Choice white Poly Bear.

Eyes:  Angler's Choice Holographic Stick-On Epoxy.

Head finish:  Angler's Choice "Soft Body."

Note: Soft Body is a non-toxic water based dip which is a safe alternative for epoxy or other dip finishes.

Tying Instructions:

1. Place hook in vise and cover entire shank with thread or mono.

2. Tie in white Poly Bear on top of shank, letting it extend approximately 2 inches past tie-in point. Tie in white half way up hook shank.

3. Tie in chartruse and light blue Poly Bear using approximately 1/4 of a shank for each color.

4. Tie in Angel Hair "Bait Fish" color sparsely on top.

5. After tying in all materials on top on shank, I run a sparce coating of Zap-a Gap to make the fly more durable.

6. Tie in white Poly Bear at the bottom of shank and at the front of the hook for belly.Tip: Poly Bear works when tied on to shank and folded back with spacing between each clump. This allows for a fuller body while using less material. Also while you are tying material onto the shank, pull upward on the material to make it stand up a little bit.

7. Apply stick-on eyes and dip head into Soft Body just past the eyes. You can also apply Soft Body with a bodkin or toothpick if you prefer.

8. Put the fly on rotary dryer for best results and allow to dry. After head is dry, apply another coat. If you have questions on tying this fly, or using these materials, you can call me at (208) 588-3310, or you can email me.~Greg Webster

Polar Bear Baitfish
Fishing the Fly

This should be an excellent fly for silver (Coho) salmon, or any saltwater fish where a similar bait is present. When fishing on salt water, keep in mind the fish face into the current just as in a river. Make a long cast, and using a medium to fast strip, "swim" the fly toward you. The fly may be fished on a medium sink-tip fly line, or a floating line with a longer leader.~DB

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