Crazy (Or Nasty) Charlie
By Dick Brown, USA

Excerpt from BONEFISH FLY PATTERNS Published by Lyons and Burford

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Crazy (Or Nasty) Charlie

Bob Nauheim, owner of a northern California fishing travel firm originated the Crazy Charlie. It was orginally tied in white to suggest glass minnows, Jenkinsia lamprotaenia, Anchoe mitchelli, or A. cayorumon Andros. Now, however, in all its variations of color and material, the Charlie is an effective emulator of just about every species of shrimp and even some smaller crabs.

By adopting the steelheaders' bead-chain weighting technique to both sink and jig the fly, this fly became the father of modern bonefish design.

Materials List:

Hook:  34007 or 3407; sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8.

Thread:  White Monocord 3/0, or color to match body.

Eyes:  1/8" silver bead chain.

Tail:  Ten or twelve strands silver tinsel.

Body:  15-lb. Mason or other clear mono over flat silver tinsel (underbody later changed to silver or pearl Flashabou).

Wing:  Two long white saddle hackles, convex sides facing to splay tips.

Tying Instructions:

1. Position the eyes on the shank 3/16" to 1/4" behind the rear of the hook eye, to allow enough room to tie in the wing and finish the head. Secure the bead-chain eyes to the hook by wrapping in a figure-eight path around the eyes and shank. Then wrap a "donut" in a horizontal plane underneath the bead-chain eyes, binding all wraps tight. Super Glue.

2. Behind the eyes, attach six or eight silver tinsel or pearlescent Flashabou fibers on top of the shank as an underbody, extending them one half-shank length beyond the bend to form the tail.

3. Tie in 15-lb. Mason mono (or other clear bodywrap such as V-Rib, Larva Lace, or Swannundaze) along the bottom of the shank, and overwind with silver tinsel or pearlscent Flashabout (or pearlescent Mylar tinsel).

4. Wind the mono or body material forward to the eyes to form the body.

5. Inverting the fly, tie in two long white saddle hackles, convex sides facing each other to splay the tops. Invert again and build up the head with thread. Whip-finish.

Fishing the Charlies

Strip the fly once or twice until the fish sees it, let it drop, and watch the fish's movement to see a pick-up. ~ Dick Brown

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