Grahame Green
By Mike Martinek Jr., Franklin Mass. USA
Photos by Jim Birkholm

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Grahame Green (Originated by Mike)

We were delighted to have Mike tie this fly for us at the Salt Lake Fly-Fishing Retail World Trade Expo. Mike is a well-known tier and teacher, as well as author of Streamer Flies for Trolling and Casting, Vol 1 and Volume II.

He promises to do more for FAOL in the future. Thanks Mike! Please note the correct colors are in the photos at the top and bottom - light conditions at the show were not 'ideal'.

Materials List:

Hook:  Belvoirdale Gaelic Supreme, Dublin Limerick #2.

Tag:  Flat Copper Tinsel.

Tail:  Golden Phesant Crest.

Body:  Rice green Sparkle Braid.

Wing:  Light green calftail with Black Bear hair over the green.

Hackle:  Ewing black Hen Hackle.

Shoulder:   Jungle Cock Eyes.

Head:  Black.

Tying Instructions:

1. Flat Copper tag.

2. Tie in single crest.

3. Body Ribbon tied in and wind to head area.

4. Tie in Black Hen hackle and fold, wind on and gather into a beard.

5. Tie in green Calftail, extend to tail.

6. Tie in small bunch of Black Bear over the Green Calftail.

7. Tie in Jungle Cock Eyes.

8. Whip finish and laquer.

"I have tried, over the years to be true to the overall look and character of the New England Streamer. After years of Fly Tying I have evolved many subtle techniques that are my own. Hopefully the flies shown here share the bloodlines and bring some new life and color to a great tradition. It is hoped these patterns inspire and provide some enjoyment for other tyers and fisherman.

Tight thread and straight wings," ~ Mike Martinek Jr.

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