Funk's Special
By T. Markus Funk
Walden, Colorado

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Funk's Special

The fly was developed on the Michigan River, which runs through Moose River Ranch, Walden Colorado. I have fished it extensively both in the US and in Europe. Funk's Special is available in Walden, Colorado's Flies Only Tackle Shop and in the Cowdry Cafe, and in a fairly short time it has become a very hot fly.


Hook:  #10-18 Barbless Dry Fly.

Thread:  Tan 8/0 Uni-Thread.

Wing:  Natural Deer Hair.

Body:  Light Olive Dubbing.

Body hackle:  Brown, palmered.

Shellback:  Natural Deer Hair.

Antennea:  Natural Deer Hair.

Hackle:  Grizzly.

NOTE: Try substituting moose or elk hair and modify body and hackle colors to match stoneflies and caddis in your area.

Tying Instructions:

1. Start thread behind eye and wrap a thread base back to the bend.

2. Wrap thread back to the bend and dub a thin, tapered body 2/3 of the way forward.

3. Palmer hackle 5-6 evenly spaced wraps through the dubbing starting 2/3 the way forward and working back to the bend.

4. Tie in a clump of deer hair at the hook bend for the tail, approximately 1 1/2 the shank length. This will form the tail and shellback.

5. Trim hackle fibers from the top and pull shellback hair forward to tie down in front of body. Apply a small drop of lacquer to shellback and spread it out evenly with your finger.

6. Tie in a few deer hairs extending over the eye of the hook the same length as the tail to form the antennae.

7. Tie in a grizzly hackle in front of the body, wrap forward to the eye, tie off and whip finish for a completed Funk's Special.

Fishing Suggestions:

This is a truly versatile attractor that has done extremely well in the rivers, beaver dams, and mountain lakes of Colorado's North Park and in other regions. It can be fished either dry or wet, but I generally rub a bit of floatant in and fish it dry. ~ T. Markus Funk

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