"Medicine May Nymph"
Text and Flies by Reg G. Denny
From: Patterns of the Masters, 1995 Oregon Council, Federation of Fly Fishers

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Medicine May Nymph

This is the nymph of the Great Western Grey Drake, (Siphlonuridae Siphlonurus Occidentalis), a strong swimmer and no slouch in fast water. Quite successful when used in a river or river/lake confluence. Named after Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, and area where this mayfly abounds.

Materials List:

Hook:  4xL; ringed eye. (Mustad 9674) sizes 8 - 12.

Thread:  Black or dark brown, size 6/0.

Tail:  Barred teal flank.

Body:  Wide blue dun floss.

Ribbing:  Fine iron blue dun floss.

Wing Case:  Grey goose secondary wing quill.

Thorax:  Bronze peacock herl.

Legs:  V-section of grizzly hackle fibers.

Tying Instructions:

1. Tie in hackle v-section; two fibers each side.

2. Tie in ribbing floss and body floss and wind body floss to form slender tapered body. Twist fine blue dun floss and wind forward as ribbing.

3. Tie in rolled section of grey goose wing quill by the butts with tips pointing rearward. Tie in bronze peacock herl and wind thorax.

4. Tie in v-section grizzly hackle, three fibers each side under thorax. Bring goose quill fibers forward over thorax to form wing case, tie off, form head and whip finish.

Tying note: 3/0 thread of dark grey or dark brown may be used for the rib. Vee-section legs and tail gives the artificial a more life-like appearance and it always rides properly (upright).

Fishing the Fly

This fly is more productive using a long non-tapered leader with a floating or sink-tip fly line. Strip-retrieve with a darting motion much like a small minnow. Check back next week for the dry of this same insect! ~ Reg G. Denny

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