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COSS - Caddis Of Some Sort

By Linda Foote, (FisherLady)

Oregon, USA

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COSS - (Caddis Of Some Sort)

Here is a fly for all the folks headed for the FAOL Fish-In! An original pattern by Linda. Tight Lines!

Materials List:

Hook:  Teimco 101 #18 to #14.

Thread:  8/0 Dark Olive.

Egg Sack:  Bright Green Sparkle Dub.

Body:  Tan Superfine Dubbing.

Underwing:  Olive CDC puffs.

Wing:  Deer hair

Hackle:  Olive Grizzly micro-barb.Antennae:  Chinese boar hairs.

Thorax:  Peacock Herl.

Tying the Fly:

1. Wrap hook with thread, just past the hook bend.

2. Dub on a small egg sack, Then dub the body 2/3 the way up the hook shaft.

3. Tie in the CDC, it should hang out just past the egg sack.

4. Cut and stack a small amount of deer hair. Tie in, it should just barely hang out over the CDC. Carefully make two thread wraps toward the hook bend, to get the hair to lay down smoothly.

5. Bring the thread back three wraps, and tie in the hackle. Tie in the antennae, so they hang out over the eye of the hook.

6. Trim to desired length. Bring thread back to hackle tie in point.

7. Tie in the peacock herl, and wrap to just behind the hook eye.

8. Wrap the hackle forward, and tie off. Form a thread head and whip finish.

Fishing the Fly:

Caddis really don't like the water, this is a dry fly and should be fished as any good dry fly. But since it is a caddis, if you can impart a little 'jiggle' to your rod tip the fly will skip across the water much like the natural. ~ Linda Foote (aka.fisherlady)

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