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Blue Charm

By Leigh Anderson

Miramichi N.B., Canada.
New Brunswick Guides Association

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Blue Charm

The Blue Charm is a classic english pattern fly and was orginated by Colin Simpson. Colin was an expert fly dresser at age 15 and gained most of his knowledge from his father, Alex who was a Professional Fly Dresser. It's very difficult to go through someone's fly box here on the Miramichi and not find a blue charm. We still seem to stick with the old adage, "use a bright fly on a bright day and a dark fly on a dark day." The Blue charm has a little of both maybe that's why it has proven so effective. As of this writing, May 31st, 1999, we have bright salmon and fat trout in the Miramichi.

Materials List:

Hook:  Number 6 Partridge.

Thread:  Black.

Tail:  Golden Pheasant.

Tip:  Fine oval Tinsel (gold).

Butt:  Gold Floss.

Body:  Black Silk Floss.

Ribbing:  Medium Silver Tinsel.

Wing:  Squirrel Tail.

Throat:  Blue Hackle.

Head:  Black.

Tying the Fly:

It is important not to have your body too large so it is out of proportion with the rest of the fly. Some people use yarn, but for me it tends to pile up too quick, so I would rather use Floss. Although the feather is gone from the Hair Wing Version of the Blue Charm the squirrel tail is a nice replacement with its two dinsinct colors.

Picking a fly out of any fisherman's fly box can turn into quite a dilemma as you poke and pick them up, observe them and return them to the box. A NapSack full of fly boxes just doesn't seem to be enough some days, but if it's the bottom of the ninth and you're facing a full count, tie on a Blue Charm - you may crank one out of the park! ~ Leigh Anderson (aka Trapper)

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