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Blond Wulff

By Matt Lyon
Utah, USA

Photo and text by Matt Lyon

Blond Wulff
Originator: Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey was a fishing companion of Lee Wulff, the creator of the Wullf series of flies (which Dan is said to have named.) This fly is Dan's variation especially for western waters.

Materials List:

Hook: Standard dry.

Thread: Cream 6/0.
Tail: Natural tan elk hair.
Body: Light Tan rabbit fur.
Wing: Natural tan elk hair.
Hackle: Light ginger.

Tying Instructions:

Mash down barb and place hook in vise.


Start thread directly above barb.


Stack a small bunch of elk hair, tie in as tail, length=shank.


Advance thread forward to a point 1/4 shank back from eye.


Stack a bunch of elk hair, twice as much as tail. Tie in with tips facing forward. Length=shank. Trim butts with scissors in an almost horizontal position to taper them. Cover butts thoroughly with thread, tapering rear 1/2 of shank.


Pull wing clump upright. Place several wraps directly in front to hold it upright. Separate wings with figure 8 wraps.


Wrap thread back to tail. Dub rear 1/2 of shank.


Tie in hackle at midshank. Wrap forward to eye, tie in and trim excess.


Form neat tapered head. Whip finish and cut thread. Cement.

Fishing the Fly:

This is a good western pattern. Use it as an attractor/searching pattern when no hatch is apparent. Very useful on fastwater streams and turbulent water. High floating pattern. Also imitates some light mayfly or caddis hatches. ~ Matt Lyon

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