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Inverted Muddler Minnow

By Tammy DiGristine
Mims, FL, USA

Inverted Muddler

The Inverted Muddler Minnow is an adaptation of the well-known Muddler Minnow. The "inverted" causes it to ride hook up and makes it more useable for my salt water fishing here in Florida. I believe Bill Lindsay is credited with the design of this fly.

Materials List:

Hook: Size 2 Mustad (for Salt Water).
Thread: Red 6/0 UNI-Thread
Body: 20 lb mono and mylar.
Wings: White bucktail, grizzly hackle and copper flash, layered.
Head: Red deer hair, spun and clipped.

Tying Instructions:

Place hook in vise. Start halfway down hook shank and lay an EVEN thread base into the bend of hook a bit. Tie in a piece of mylar and a piece of 20 lb mono at back. The mylar and mono should go all the way to front of thread base to make an even base for further tying. By doing this, your thread should be back up to the starting point.
step 1
Wrap the mylar forward with touching turns so that it lies evenly on the thread base. Tie it off. (Note: instead of mylar, any color floss can be used. Once the mono is wound over the floss, it gives the body a "glow" to it. Looks very neat) Wrap the mono forward over the mylar with touching turns and tie it off.
Step 2
Invert the hook in the vise. Tie in a small amount of bucktail on what is now the "top" of the hook shank from the halfway point where your thread should now be that extends beyond the end of the hook about the same distance as from the middle of the hook shank to the end. Tie in a grizzly hackle on each side that extends out to same length as bucktail. Tie in a few strands of Flash on each side. What you should have now is a pretty neat looking fly on the back half of the hook with the front half remaining bare.
step 3
Spin deer hair to front of hook, being sure to make your first bunch a collar that just covers the top and sides of the hook. Whip finish and trim deer hair into what is almost a bullet head, but staying rather flat on the "bottom" of the hook, which is now the top.. confused? I am.
step 4

Fishing the Fly:

This fly rides in the classic saltwater favorite position of "hook up". This makes it virtually weedless. It also does not sink very much, in fact, until it is good and wet, it does not sink at all. It should be fished using a slow slow fast retrieve. Seatrout seem to like it, and redfish do when it is summer and they eat just about anything anyway. It has even fooled a snook or two. I plan to try it in the freshwater on the bass soon. I will let you know how it fares.

~ Tammy DiGristine, (aka SA)

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