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Matt's Stonefly
By Matt Lyons, Rexburg ID

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Matt's Stonefly

Materials List:

Hooks:  Daiichi 1270 (curved shank stonefly hook).

Thread:  6/0, to match natural.

Rib:  fine yarn or floss, to match natural, optional.

Body:  yarn to match natural.

Thorax:  Thorax: yarn to match natural.

Wing:  synthetic wing material, z-wing, lacewing, or similar, tied flat on top, to match natural.

Hackle: to match natural, palmered heavily.

Antennae:  stripped hackle stems, to match natural.

Tying Instructions:

1.  Start tying thread on shank at a point just behind barb.

2.  Tie in hackle by butt.

3.  Tie in yarn then wrap 2/3 of the way up shank, tie in and trim excess.

4.  Wind hackle forward 6-7 turns to front of body, tie in and trim excess.

5.  Trim hackle on top and bottom in a "V".

6.  Cut wing material to shape.

7.  Tie wing in flat on top and a little past the body.

8. Tie in antennae.

9. Tie in body yarn dubbing for thorax.

10. Wrap yarn forward leaving a small space behind the eye, tie in and trim excess.

11. Divide antennae using figure 8 wraps.

12. Form a neat head, whip finish, cut thread and cement.

Fishing the Fly:

This pattern was originally designed to imitate the smaller, early stonefly species, but size and color can be changed to imitate any species. Fish it dead drift. I particularly like this pattern as a Yellow Sally imitation, in sizes 10-14.

A good wing material that I use for this fly can be purchased at Wal-Mart. It is called Organza Ribbon Embroidery. It comes in several widths and colors. Cut to shape and cement trimmed edges to prevent fraying. Matt

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