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By Samantha Dubin, Wasilla, Alaska, USA
Photos by Jim Birkholm

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Samantha Dubin

For all of those who are teaching young people to tie, or have kids who express an interest in becoming fly tyers, here is a little inspiration! Samantha Dubin is a twelve-year old, tying on the circuit of professional fly tiers in the Fly Tying Theaters at the International Sportsmen's Expositions. She has been tying since age six!

Her folks own Talstar Lodge, located on the Talachulitna River, 65 air miles from Anchorage, Alaska. One of her dad's guides was her first teacher. She eventually outstripped what he could do and the lodge's chef - an avid tier - took over from there.

She is a delightful young lady, who carries herself with grace. We are delighted to have met her.

The Popsicle is one of her favorite flies. ~ DLB

Materials List:

Hook:  Size 4 short shank, Umpaqua.

Thread:  Black.

Wing / Body:  Shimmer in Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, and Purple.

Tying Instructions:

    1. Dress hook to bend.

    2. Tie in Fluorescent Orange Shimmer, flat on hook, leaving a little ahead of tie-in point.

    3. Tie in a second piece of Fluorescent Orange, in reverse of the last step, the Shimmer facing forward. Fold back toward bend, and tie down.

    4. Tie in third piece of Fluorescent Orange, just ahead of the previous piece, toward the eye and fold back as before.

    5. Repeat the last three steps, tying in and folding back with the Fluorescent Pink.

    6. Tie in last batch, the Purple Shimmer, flat, not folded over for the topper.

    7. Trim bottom and for length.

    8. Whip finish and glue. Samantha Dubin

Fishing Suggestions

This is a popular fly in Alaska for both steelhead and salmon. Fished as a streamer, upstream, across and allowed to swing with the current. George Cook is credited with inventing it. ~ DLB

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