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By Allen Roberts, Port Orchard, WA USA

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This fly was passed on to me by one of the old timers fishing the South Puget Sound in Washington state. He had no name for it, I've refined it a bit, the copper ribbing is not an option if you want to catch more than one cutthroat per fly. They have sharp teeth. One of the foods for cutthroats is Euphausids and the olive bunny fur matches the Euphausids color in the South Sound perfectly.

Materials List:

Hook:  Daiichi 1720, size 10.

Thread:  Olive 6/0.

Body:  Silver tinsel.

Ribbing:  Fine copper wire.

Underwing:  3 strands of pearl flash, length of the hook.

Wing:  Olive green bunny strip.

Overwing:  6 strands of olive crystal flash.

Tying Instructions:

1. Start the thread near eye, dress the hook to the bend.

2. Tie in tinsel and ribbing.

3. Neatly wrap tinsel.

4. Over wrap the tinsel with copper wire ribbing to secure the tinsel and to make the fly more durable.

5. Tie in the 3 strands of pearl flash the length of the hook.

6. Add the bunny strip, tie over the pearl flash, trim strip to end just slightly past the hook bend.

7. Tie in the 6 strands of olive crystal flash over the bunny strip, (or alternately use 3 strands tied in at middle fold back and secure with a couple of wraps.) Trim flash to same length as bunny strip.

7. Form a small neat head with thread, whip finish, and cement. ~ Allen Roberts

Fishing Suggestions

See Eye of the Guide for the whole story on where, when and how to fish the Cutt Bait! ~ dlb

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