Wet Flies


By Steve Zweber*

    Hook:  Salmon.

    Thread/Head:  Black.

    Tag:  Flat silver tinsel.

    Tail:  Red hackle barbs.

    Body:  Herl.

    Wing:  White bucktail or calf tail.

    Hackle:  Brown.

*About Steve Zweber

I have enjoyed the pleasure of being involved in the sport of fly fishing for the past 27 years, the first fish I ever caught was on a fly rod and I never learned to fish any other way!

I was introduced to the fly rod in a outdoor skills classes offered in high school and was soon to be seen fishing the streams and lakes in the local Cascade mountains. I started tying flies a few years later when I figured out that it was less painful to snag one of my own creations in the trees. The majority of my fishing is done for trout in my home state with vacations each year taken with fly fishing destinations in mind. I am still learning all I can about our sport, working on my casting skills...trying to tie that killer fly...find that fish of a lifetime...and I never tire of the excitement and joy that each day of fishing brings to me. In the future I will be trying my hand at rod building and this winter I hope to start steelhead fishing in the local waters.

I also enjoy teaching the joys of our sport to friends and family, I get some of my greatest enjoyment watching someone I have helped, catch a fish, knowing that not only is the fish hooked but they are too.

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